Transportation Management

CDS has transportation management expertise for all of the major modes of transportation (truckload, less than truckload, air, and ocean).

Our team will work with your organization and analyze your transportation needs . We can determine the most beneficial mode of transportation and will explore every opportunity to minimize total logistics costs.

Supply Chain Management

We analyze existing processes, from initiation of an order through fulfillment, and evaluate modal selection, carrier utilization, and existing cost structures. We formulate a customized solution for your unique needs.

Full Truck Load (Expedited)

Need a 53ft Air Ride Tractor-trailer to pick up anywhere in the nation and deliver direct? Excellent, we'll be there!

We can handle all your needs for local, regional, intra-state, and national transportation with our company owned fleet of direct tractor-trailers or as a licensed nationwide transportation broker. We will work with you on transportation and logistics services for your conventional and specialized needs.

LTL, Truck (Less Than Truckload)

Shipping product to California? A shipment to JFK? Half a truckload to Boston?

Whatever your shipping needs, wherever you need to ship it to in North America, CDS LTL service will provide you a complete, customized shipping solution. Also know that volume discounts CDS receives through our LTL partners are passed right along to you!

We'll route your shipment in the most direct way, keeping freight handling to a minimum. If faced with transportation "surprises", you can rely on us to react and effect appropriate routing changes, alerting you to the situation and keeping your LTL delivery on schedule. You can always check this site as it will have your proof of delivery signature and charges in realtime.